Trip Diary

Day 1:  Thursday.  Husband stays home to help finish last minute packing.  I have made a checklist on the computer of all we need to take on our trip to Croatia with his parents for two weeks.  This is abnormally organized of me, unheard of.  We pack up the car, head to JFK with hours to spare (in deference to my high level of anxiety about traveling so far with two kids in tow).  Miraculously, we get upgraded to business class.  We all relax in our comfy seats, eat way too much lovely food and (well, me at least) proceed to drink as much alcohol as humanly possible since they keep pouring it.  Fall asleep in the bedlike recliner in drunken stupor.

Day 2:  Friday.  Wake up after three very short hours for breakfast (still full from sumptuous dinner) before arriving in Madrid.  We plan on staying here for a full night’s sleep before heading onto Croatia.  Husband rents a car, gets lost when the GPS speaks German and not the Spanish or English he understands, and it takes us 45 minutes to get to the Hilton that is really five minutes away.  Spend the day battling tired kids while trying to soak up Madrid.

Day 3:  Saturday.  Get kids up, eat free breakfast that costs non workaholic husbands with many Hilton points 26 Euros.  Yikes!  Fill up and make sandwiches for the plane.  Good thing, as Iberia Air not only didn’t feed us but charges even for water or soft drinks.  We get neither and land in Zagreb, Croatia around 3 in the afternoon.  Meet up with the in laws and get our rental:  a tank like vehicle that can seat nine.  We drive the behemouth for five plus hours before arriving at a lovely apartment up on a scary hill in Makarska, Croatia.

Day 4:  Sunday.  No food in our rental, as we arrived too late the night before.  It is noon before everyone is up and ready to go out for breakfast/lunch.  We end up at the Croatian version of a greasy spoon, as it is the only place where we can find parking for our ridiculously big car.  Then we spend over two hours at the Super Konzum, the Croatian version of a SuperSize grocery store.  Then we go to church at a 500 year old church.  Everyone else in town does too, so we spend the hour long Mass standing and sweating and (me and the kids at least) not understanding a word.

Day 5:  Monday.  Everyone is still pretty wrecked from traveling.  We hang out most of the very hot day by the pool or in the air conditioned house.  Drinking ensues early while I cook a light pasta for dinner.

Day 6:  Tuesday.  We travel to my father in law’s birthplace.  This means crossing the border into Bosnia-Hercegovina and driving on some super scary mountain roads in our tank.  It is oven like hot when we arrive, greeted with shot glasses full of something super strong on the alcohol scale.  We eat and sweat outside and I try valiantly to understand the conversations swirling around me.  My son nearly loses it after several hours in the heat when my father in law decides to show us around the massive grounds of the family estate.  We leave very late, full of amazing food, and very tired.

Day 7:  Wednesday.  My husband, father in law, daughter and I go seek out the beach.  We find it, and it is lovely.  My little guy stays home with my mother in law, who is physically unable to deal with the beach and likely doesn’t want to anyway.  Afterwards, hubby and I are charged with going to the grocery to get dinner makings, and get gas for the car after yesterday’s trip.  Unfortunately, he fills our diesel vehicle with regular gas, and the rest of the day is spent getting that fixed.  Sandwiches for dinner.

Day 8:  Thursday.  My father in law and I walk into town to go to the open air market.  We use the time to also explore the tiny town, which is lovely and quaint.  It is the first time I really feel like I am experiencing what I expected out of the trip.  We take our fixings home; he and my mother in law cook a traditional Croatian shrimp meal with potatoes and swiss chard on the side.  My daughter, who is mildly allergic to shrimp and ate veal, somehow gets exposed to it and throws up later that night.

Day 9:  Friday.  We take both kids to the beach, which ends badly when I get dizzy and my blood sugar crashes.  I recover later in the day, when my parents in law take us to an amazing seaside outdoor restaurant with views of the town.  It is gorgeous.  It is lovely.  The food is to die for.  It is the perfect way to close the week.

Day 10:  Saturday.  We spend a ridiculous amount of time packing up all of our things at the close of our week at the coast.  An hour later than we planned, we hit the road to return to Zagreb for the second week of our vacation.

To Be Continued…..



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  1. Wow! Can’t wait to read about the second leg…how wonderful to have the opportunity to take the kids overseas!!

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