What We Did

Thursday, September 1, 2005:

I can’t tell you all how amazed I am at the response to the Hurricane Katrina Relief Project. I am sure you’re all watching the news as much as I am, and what I’m seeing makes me feel even more strongly than ever that we must do whatever it is each of us has in our hearts and talents to help these people as soon as we can. The stories we’re seeing look like they come from somewhere else, but they’re here, in our backyards, they’re our brothers, neighbors, family members…and I only wish that the tides turn soon on the hopelessness and chaos that has followed this devastating event.

I wanted to give everyone a little update and overview of what we have accomplished so far:
Nearly $6,000 donated already to various relief organizations
Many pints of blood already donated
Clothing and food drive organized for the Lake Charles, LA shows on 9/9 and 9/10
Donations of food, water, clothing to various relief organizations all over the country
I am amazed at overwhelming response. Thank you very much to everyone.

I have also gotten emails about children organizing car washes, donating their toys, organizing bake sales at their schools, water drives at their schools, working with their employers for donor matching and all sorts of great things. There are so many great ways to help. Thanks to everyone who is doing something, no matter how big or small, to make a difference. Nothing is small to someone who has lost everything.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Well it’s been an amazing two weeks to watch the Hurricane Katrina devastation, loss and glimmers of hope and recovery. If you’ve followed the journey on the news you have seen first hand the amazing images that I’m told don’t even touch the surface. The RS community has once again stepped in to try and help and we are amazed at the results.

The donation drive that has been ongoing since Wednesday, August 30 has raised $27,391.41 so far. Those that participated in the raffle drive to win RS related prizes, thank you. Thank you to everyone who donated prizes and to everyone who donated to the cause. We have stories of lemonade stands, car washes, blood donations (nearly 30 that we’ve been told about and we’re sure there are many more that we haven’t), volunteering at the Astrodome and many, many people who donated time, money and goods to help those who really need it right now.

Later press releases from Rick’s management touted the fan efforts for Katrina Relief which eventually topped over $40,000 in goods and monetary donations.  Fans worldwide donated blood, adopted families, pets and even helped fund the reconstruction of the Ronald McDonald House in New Orleans.  It was an all hands on deck effort that helped us not feel totally helpless in those dark days after Katrina hit.  My work on the Katrina relief efforts was by far the proudest I have ever been of any work I did in Rick Springfield’s name. The webpage I used to corral efforts (minus the .css file which seems to have been misplaced and gives the page an odd, amateur look) is still online at www.rickspringfield.net/katrina.htm.


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