Hope We Can Continue

Yes i agree the news editor thing is inaccurate. How can we make this work.
We all need you. Please dont abandon ship. We will get it rolling . Its all so
new. I love what you did on RS net.
I send my love to you for Michael.
I will write more when I get off the road next week.

Hi. I have contacted him about the stuff we talked about. let me know how
things progress. love to you and Michael
I would love to recommend a book but I know how obnoxious that ‘well meaning
gesture’ usually is to someone who is dealing with something that the person
giving the book couldnt possibly understand, but it is a very deep book.
Let me know if its something you would like and I will not be hurt if you
would rather not.

Hi. Re : Wait for night, Yeah that ‘selling burned CD’s’ thing is basically pirating. Sorry. There are other ways to raise money as you have proven many times. So sorry to hear the little boy passed on. Wow. Can’t imagine.
Don’t worry about anything that was said or emailed or anything. That’s the great thing about being Dory the Fish… I don’t remember anything.
Seriously it’s all cool and yes we are all human..
The site is very cool. I love what you have done with the graphics.
I hope you and him are cool with each other now? Yes?
This is all meant to be fun isn’t it (I keep telling myself that:-)
love to you and your family

Don’t feel bad about what people say; Some people still think I’m GAY:-)
You are the best and anytime you need me to tell that to anyone, just let me know.


I would like to discuss it too. Let’s see if we can do it in NY. Honestly I have been out of the loop pretty much with the site as he seems to run it so well and I’m sorry you guys haven’t been a good ‘match’. I will read over your email and if there is anyway that you are leaning (because you have a full sense of it) then please let me know. The first thing it always should be is fun and if it’s not then it’s time to do something that is. I have always dug what you have done and your ideas but what you started, only you can know when it’s time to end it.
As I said I am not too hip on what is what with all the web stuff as we are working so much that I just dont have the time I used to

Amy, I definitely want you to stay and I know your heart is in the right place and it would be a drag if you quit. Don’t leave pleeeeeze.
What it should be is:
He should handle the disemination of web site info and contests. And you should focus your team on being a marketing team and as a way of thanking them we will make available tickets to whenever there is something going on. Between you and me I’ve asked Rob to have a quiet word with the web guy about the situation as well.
Let me know how you feel about this?
You are not wrong in your feelings and regardless of what you decide, I am indebted to you for all the amazing stuff you have done.
I hope we can continue.



3 Responses

  1. I am very confused with the statement about the little boy passing on. What does that mean??

    • Oh, I guess the context isn’t there to make that make sense; I just put in the whole email and probably should have left that part out.

      The statement refers to a young boy who the fan community did fundraisers for. I had asked Rick to donate some tickets and backstage passes to help raise money for his treatments. (You can read the story at http://www.rickspringfield.net in the charity section). Unfortunately, the little boy did not win his battle and passed away. I had mentioned this in my email, and that statement was in response to me breaking that news.

      • Oh ok that makes more sense. At first my heart sank bc I thought it was Michael. Thanks for clearing it up! I’ve been reading for almost a year and read every day!

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