It’s All Different…Again

“What do you think of it, Z?”

R had landed the job in Cincinnati.  Everything was happening so fast; here it was just a few days later and R was back out in Cincinnati, house hunting.  Zach and I were back home with the new baby.  I was unhappy at the thought of R choosing a house without me there to voice my opinion, but it just couldn’t be helped.  The company would pay for several trips back and forth before R started work in two weeks, ostensibly for house hunting purposes.  But I was still recovering from the birth, and Melinda’s schedule was completely out of whack.  Plus, we didn’t want to pull Z out of all of his activities at school when he would be leaving them so soon.

Z hadn’t been too terribly upset at the news of our move.  Certainly not like he had been when we’d talked to him just a year ago.  He would miss his friends, certainly, and was a little put off about leaving just as he had been placed in the gifted program at school.  Everyone else was getting jazzed for middle school orientation and making plans for which instrument they would play next year in the band or orchestra.  Alternatively, though, he was terribly excited to move back closer to the family and his cousins.  The thought of being able to take weekend trips to see them and to be surrounded by them on holidays was a strong pull for him.  We’d both hated our lonely Thanksgiving and Christmas here in Oklahoma with just the three of us.  So Z was willing to reserve judgement on a second move in nearly exactly one calendar year.

“It’s so hard to tell,” he responded.  “I mean, the rooms look pretty big.”

We were looking at digital photos R had sent us from the houses he’d seen today with his dad.  One of my requests this time around, since I wouldn’t be present to physically see the houses in person, was that R send me photos of each place they’d looked at.  We’d gone out to buy our first digital camera, a Sony product that allowed the photos to be saved on a floppy disk. Transferring the photos to the computer was simple; you just popped in the floppy disk.

We’d had such an easy time finding our house in Oklahoma, and it had been a perfect fit for us.  The right size yard, a fantastic family neighborhood with a park nearby, just enough room.  We’d found it in a weekend.  But things were clearly going to be tougher this time.  First of all, Cincinnati was a large city, not a small college town.  Even though I’d asked some of my Rick Springfield fan friends in the area for suggestions, we were quickly finding ourselves priced out of all of their recommended areas.  We’d been spoiled for the last year with the low cost of living in Oklahoma; we’d never find a place nearly as nice for what we were going to have to sell this one for.  R took the advice of the real estate agent assigned to him by the company and asked to see houses in one of the outer ring suburbs, where we could get more house for our limited funds.

“They all kind of look the same, don’t they?”  I answered Z.  “I wish I could see more of the neighborhoods that they are in, maybe that would help.”  R had sent back photos of several different houses.  All were two story, four bedroom colonials. Several were built within the last five years, one was a little older.

“They kind of do.  I think this one looks nice.”  Z was clicking through to the photos of the most inexpensive house, on the cul de sac.  It seemed nice enough, but backed up to a highway, which was why it was so much cheaper than the rest.  Still, that would allow us to buy into a nicer neighborhood than we otherwise could likely afford.

“Well, we’ll have to talk to him and get a feel for it.  If they’re all basically similar, then it comes down to neighborhood and price.  We’ll want somewhere you’ll find lots of kids to hang out with, where you can ride your bike, that’s fun and safe.”

“Like here,” Z said, a little wistfully.

“If only we could just take this place and put it on the ground there,” I answered, with the same little sadness in my voice. “Still, the pros outweigh the cons, right?”

“Right,” said Z, looking at me with skeptical, but trusting, dark brown eyes.


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  1. Why not rent for 6 months before making a decision to buy? That would give you time to get a feel for the various neighbourhoods.

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