Make It Happen

I was getting worried.

I had sent the email to Rick Springfield (I still felt a strange thrill to be able to do such a thing) over 24 hours ago with my proposal for a redesign of his official website.

Once Zach had gone back to school in mid August, and with no teaching prospects anywhere close by anyway, I’d decided to take it easy for the duration of my pregnancy and just be a stay at home mother.   It would give me time to really learn the craft of web design and put together a quality product for Rick.  He’d agreed that the limitations put on content for his site by the original design were great; he asked me to come up with some ideas for a redesign.

I spent the whole first full week of Zach’s school year locked in our tiny office, hardly even noticing the hours slip quietly by.  I’d break from the screen to eat, or go to the bathroom.  I ignored the phone unless it was R or the school.   I agonized over my lack of knowledge.  I bought Adobe’s Image Ready product to help me design buttons and graphics for the page.  I looked to the previous site for graphics to use, pulling the few photos out and reworking them into a totally new design.

When I finally had everything finished and all aspects that I wanted represented in the design, I uploaded all of the files into a secret folder on the website and sent Rick the link; no one else would be able to see it.  And I waited.  Hours went by; I knew from my work that Rick was not touring or taping anything for TV that day, so I wondered why I wasn’t receiving a response.  In the few months I’d been working for him, I noticed a pattern to Rick’s emails.  If he could answer a question quickly, he responded usually within an hour or two; he checked his email multiple times a day when at home.  But if he didn’t care for something, or the email contained a question that required more than a two second answer, or if he was afraid the person he was writing to wouldn’t like what he had to say, it took him longer.

When I got up the next morning and there still was no response to my “here it is!” query, I knew he hated it.

Shit.  Here I was on my first try out, and I’d blown it.  I was going to get fired before I even had a chance to step up to the plate.

I pulled up the redesign page and looked at it critically.  I tried to see it as Rick would, rather than myself.  If this were all about me, what would I change?  What would make me cringe?  What was more like my own tastes than his?

Immediately some ideas flew into my head, and before I knew it, Zachary was opening the door that afternoon; the whole day had gone by while I redesigned my redesign.  I got him started on his homework and finished the work, on a roll and now determined to prove that I was worthy of this position.  Just before R returned from work, I uploaded the new files and sent the new link to my favorite rock star.

Within an hour came the response:  “You nailed it.  Make it happen.   Love, RS.”

It made all of the hours of doubt and worry worth it.


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