Home from College

It was time for Christmas Break.

Joe and I were both going back home to work and earn a little more to put in each of our bank accounts.   He had lined up a horrible construction job for the three weeks of break, a back breaking schedule of physical labor that started early and ended late.  I was going back to Burger King, working the early shift that started at 6 and ended at 2.

It was a welcome break for me.  I had gotten so intensely unhappy worrying about my grades, which ended up as passable for most but subpar for me.  I ended my first term with a 3.5 GPA; for someone who had graduated as class valedictorian, this was upsetting and disappointing.  I was constantly feeling unsure of my choice of majors; the music classes I was taking were not coming naturally to me.  But I vowed to persevere and keep going forward.

Joe was less happy about the break.  The job wasn’t his first choice, but he needed the money.  Also, he’d have to spend the break at his grandparents’ again, as his mother was just moving into her new place nearer to the university.  We’d both be going up to help after Christmas, together, but for now he was stuck down here without her as a buffer.  I told him we’d try to spend as much time together at my house as we could.

I was looking forward to the alone time with him.  At college there were always people around; we each had three roommates.  I wasn’t interested in ever getting caught in the middle of a compromising position, so we weren’t having sex nearly as much as one would think a couple together away at college might.  Plus we both were driven students, so we spent most of our time together studying, not making out.  We both had goals and were not interested in derailing the other one from theirs.

We spent those weeks enjoying each other.  My sister was hardly ever there, and my mother always worked late.  We spent nearly every afternoon we could making love.   We’d missed this beautiful part of our relationship; while we loved each other and respected each other, our physical chemistry had been on the back burner so much that we were on fire when we finally got home.  The more we did it, the more we craved each other.

It was good to be home.


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