The Luckiest Girl in the World

I was insanely happy.

I’d never felt anything like this. I’d never been in a relationship where both parties were equally invested. Joe seemed crazily as infatuated with me as I was with him. I’d never had that. I was either more in than the other person, or vice versa. I’d never experienced anything like this.

Joe wanted to share everything with me. He brought me to everything he and his friends did. He stopped by my work if I was working the late shift and he was not busy. We did our homework together, what little there was left for us in the last month before graduation. He introduced me to his mother and asked to be introduced to mine. He brought me to the apartment he shared with his mother after school when we both were off in the afternoons. He was smart, he was talented, he was good looking, a hard worker; all of it made him incredibly sexy to me. He liked doing things like walking in the woods holding hands or laying out under the stars on a warm spring evening. He would stop by with a single rose, just because.

He talked easily to me about his past and his family, what his values were and what he wanted to do with his life. He wasn’t most guys I knew who were so guarded with their feelings and their privacy; he talked to be as an equal, as the friend I’d been before we’d kissed and started dating. It didn’t change; in fact it only got better. He was more willing to share the sad details of his parents’ divorce, and how he and his brother were basically put so much in the the middle of it all that the brother went to live with the father and Joe went to live with the mother. He had the same sad experience I did of having to move out of the house and neighborhood that was safe and suburban to a smaller place that just screamed “Life Is Not The Same Anymore.” It was such a relief to share with him my stories; so few people I knew actually had any frame of reference to be able to have any real sort of sympathy. But he got it, and me.

The final piece was the sexual chemistry between us. I’d made out with boys before, but this was different. We just clicked. Neither Joe nor I were terribly experienced; truth be told I was more experienced than he was. This made me more daring with him and the anticipation of every new piece of each other we shared was incredibly hot. There was such a respect about it all between us. We knew eventually that we would sleep together but there was no rush, there was no pressure; we were just enjoying each new step and phase on the way.

I couldn’t believe my luck. Just six months after my lowest point, when I felt that life was no longer worth living , I was the luckiest girl in the world. I was about to graduate from a large suburban high school at the top of my class; I had the respect of many of my teachers and peers; and I had the world’s best, kindest, sweetest, sexiest boy by my side.

I couldn’t stop smiling.


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  1. Very enjoyable post…uplifting, also. 😉

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