Early Riser

Now that I had two boys to look good for, and a Prom dress to shop for, I decided it was time to get in shape (again).

I wasn’t actually displeased with how I looked overall.  I remember thinking at the time that in the right clothes “you can’t tell I’m fat”.  Which for me and my insecure frame of mind, was a good outlook.

But my mother asked me if I would get up with her in the mornings and work out.  She had started Weight Watchers some months back, and had lost about twenty pounds.  She was looking fantastic, a long way from the day I went with her to TJ Maxx and helped her pick out size 18 jeans.  She was starting to get her figure back, and thus be able to feel up to par when she went to the bars with her girlfriends on Friday nights.  She wanted to step up the pace so she’d keep losing.

We’d discovered that an exercise program started on one of our local channels at 6 am.  This time frame worked for both of us.  If I showered right after the show was done, I would still get out the door in time to pick up Dawn and get to school by 7:10 or so, which gave me one of the better parking spots in the student lot.  While I showered, my mom had a cigarette and some coffee, and then she was ready for her shower while I got dressed and blew dry my hair in my bedroom.

I liked that my mother had asked me to do this with her.  We didn’t spend a lot of time together these days, and it was nice that she wanted to share this with me. Plus, it would keep us both motivated to do the work when we heard the other one getting up at 5:55 am.

And it did.  Every morning, we would both stumble out of bed, get ourselves a plastic tumbler of water, and position ourselves in front of the TV, ready for torture. But it wasn’t torture at all.  In between breathless sets, we’d chat about what each of us had planned that day, the challenges she was up against at work, my two boyfriend dilemma.  She was funny, and sympathetic, and most of all, interested.

I never minded getting up at 5:55 am in those days.


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