Late Night Part Two

My great aunt thought it might be fun for me to spend a few days with my other great aunt and uncle. I guess she was feeling a little sorry for me; after all, not too many fourteen year old girls enjoy spending weeks on end with no other teenagers to hang out with. I actually didn’t mind it. This was in the days before internet, cell phones and texting; my girlfriends Dawn and Andrea were keeping in touch with old fashioned paper and pencil letters. I was fine with it. I looked forward to my long letter writing sessions with my new Corey Hart tape cassette softly reminding me to “Never Surrender” in the background. I enjoyed sunbathing in the backyard and the cooking lessons in the kitchen. But mostly I enjoyed the peace. There was no screaming, no fighting, no anger in this household. There was sadness, to be sure, but no anger. I breathed easy with the doors unlocked.

But my aunt worried she was not giving me enough fun time, so she herded me over to my other aunt’s house for a few days. My other aunt had neighbors a few doors down with a girl about my age. I’d met her before, and she was nice enough. They arranged for me to spend the night.

I had no idea that the girl, Lisa, was a wild girl. She was a year older than me, and it took me all of five seconds in her basement rec room bedroom to smell the cigarette smoke and realize that I was dealing with a totally different person than myself. I could deal with that; a little excitement might be fun, I thought.

I had no idea.

After the parents went to bed, Lisa showed me the way out of the house. She apparently did this all of the time, and was well versed on how to sneak out. She had a guy friend who lived in walking distance. About forty minutes later, we arrived at a smallish house on a dark street with no parents at home.

All four of us piled into the boy’s bedroom to “hang out”. It didn’t take me long to figure out what hanging out meant when Lisa’s hand drifted over to her friend’s arm and she gently stroked it. Before long there were hands on my shoulders, softly massaging my neck. Again, I was surprised that a boy was even paying attention to me in a way that didn’t say, “Hey nerd girl, do you have the notes from last week?”

We spent hours “making out” with the boys. There wasn’t pressure to go very far with my companion, and I’m not going to lie; to this day I remember the warmth of his hand on my thigh and how much I enjoyed that. Lisa, I think she and her guy, settled on one half of the twin bed we were all sharing, might have gone further. But me and my guy (whose name I can’t even remember), we settled for the usual kissing and giggling and stroking that only fourteen year olds can find satisfying.

Around 2 or so in the morning, we started making our way back to Lisa’s house. She wasn’t worried at all, and sure enough we snuck in her house without any trouble whatsoever. But I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t like this girl and I didn’t like the position she’d put me in. The more I thought about it, the more dangerous the evening seemed to me; again, I was very lucky that things didn’t swing in a far more sinister direction.

I returned to my great aunt’s the next morning. She raved about how wonderful it was that I’d found a friend, and I nodded quietly and allowed her to believe it. But when the phone rang from Lisa a few days later, I asked her to tell the girl that I wasn’t there. A few more tries and the girl realized that I wasn’t going to be joining in the fun again any time soon.

I was a good girl. It seemed no amount of influence and trying on other people’s parts was going to change that about me.


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