Poetry In Motion

Dawn and I were working on a poetry book.

Since the ensuing months had brought nothing from Rick Springfield and his “people” regarding my book, and all of our tour letters brought one letter to me from up and comer Corey Hart and one letter to Dawn from Rick’s bassist, Mike Seifrit, we decided to move on. We both loved writing, and after my stint at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp last summer, I’d come to love poetry and the crafting of it. I shared with Dawn some of the lessons I’d learned, and we both started writing buckets of poetry.

Most of them were written about the fan experience, how it felt to have a crush on the far away rock star, how we just knew these men were wonderful people behind their masks, what the concert was like for a first time attendee, what growing up with a non traditional upbringing was like and how it compared with Rick’s life story, etc etc etc. It all sounds trivial as an adult looking at a fourteen year old, but to us it seemed like important work, crafting beautiful words to convey a picture, an emotion, a situation.

We pored over famous poetry, riding our bicycles six miles to the county library to find more than what our local library could offer. Of course, I would always slide in a sneak peek at People magazine and sometimes use the 5 cent Xerox machine to run off articles that showed pictures of Rick and his rumored girlfriend, Barbara Porter. But mostly we relished our shared passions for writing and far away perfect people who couldn’t hurt us (although we were feeling a bit stung at the lack of responses to our fan mail from Rick himself, and Jack White, Dawn’s crush).

The whole winter was spent writing poems. We’d go with my mother on Saturdays to her office downtown and use the typewriters to type out our best works. At Blue Lake all of the students put their work together in a small booklet; each of us got a few copies to take home. After all of the energy, we thought it seemed like a great idea to put our poems together in a booklet form as well. We called it Time Well Spent, and we made and assembled copies for both of us and to send to Rick and all of his band mates.

We spent three months writing and assembling our books. We never heard a word back from Rick and his band mates in response.


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