Naive, Much?

It had been an eventful summer. I’d gone to camp, I’d made out with a boy for the first time, I had nearly finished my novel.

It had been mostly a peaceful summer. My brother was home from his time away out east before I left for camp, but my two weeks away pushed us to nearly the end of August. His time at the hospital and away seemed to help; he was calmer and friendlier to me than he had been since I could remember.

I was tanned, I was blond, and I was starting to grow taller, which meant my body was thinning out. I was in short, nearly ready for high school.

There was just one thing left to do before school began.


A girlfriend of mine had a father who had connections at our local amphitheater. She was able to score three tickets (one for me, one for Dawn, and one for her much older sister who would drive us there) to the show on the center aisle in the thirteenth row. The show was Labor Day weekend, 1984. I couldn’t believe it. I was going to be in the same place, at the same time, as Rick Springfield. It was just too immense a thought to comprehend.

The possible scenarios danced around in my head. Would we run into each other out back by the tour bus? Did he ever come out before the show? Maybe incognito to absorb the crowd as a regular guy? Maybe we’d see him at a restaurant nearby? I wondered what hotel he was staying at.

Hm. What hotel would he stay at? That would have to be the best possible way to meet him, by hanging out at the hotel waiting for him to come and go. I could use the house phone in the lobby to dial up his room. That was it. I would have to simply figure out what hotel he was staying at.

As the days drew closer to the concert date, Dawn and I established a plan to sleuthing out the hotel. We decided that we would simply call all of the possiblities, one after another. But since we sure Rick would never use his real name upon check in, we decided to call the hotels and ask for his tour manager’s room. “Can I have Dana Miller’s room, please?” Then, as soon we found the hotel that responded with, “One moment please, I’ll connect you now” as opposed to “I’m sorry, we have no guests by that name”, we would know where they were staying.

It really did seem a genius plan.


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