It was the fall of 1983.  It was the early days of cable, microwaves, and leg warmers.   My mother was working downtown, so her arrival home on most nights was sometime around 8pm.  My brother was in and out; mostly out, to the relief of my sister and I.  My sister was getting ready for her first year of college and busy with her friends; they were either all over at our house, or all at one of the other friends’ house.

I started 8th grade that year.  I would normally come home from school and flip on the TV do have on while I did my homework on the sofa.  If it was earlier in the afternoon, I’d watch my sister’s soap operas; she’d already hooked me on them when she was around.  I was never home in time for Days of our Lives, but sometimes I’d catch the end of Another World.  Always, always, I’d be home in time to watch General Hospital.

It was a big scandal earlier in the year when Rick Springfield left General Hospital to concentrate on his music full time.  I’d watched him as Dr. Noah Drake, of course, and he was attractive and all of that.   But I also liked Tony Geary and Tristan Rogers just as much.

But one day, when I turned on MTV after GH was over, I saw Rick Springfield’s new video.  And suddenly, I was seeing Rick Springfield in a whole new light.  No longer was he the clean shaven, playboy turned doctor in a button down.  Here was a certifiable Bad Boy with a scruffy chin and tight jeans singing about S E X.  The song was called “Affair of the Heart”.    I was instantly smitten with this rock star.

I’d already owned some of his music; the Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet record was in my collection, played from time to time on my Holly Hobbie turntable.  I pulled it out and started examining every photo, every groove on the vinyl until I couldn’t stand it any more.  I walked the next day to the Perry Drug Store around the corner, where they still sold vinyl records and now tape cassettes.  I plunked down $8.99 for the “Living In Oz” tape cassette and raced home.

Once I heard the song, “Souls”, in which Rick sings about finding his soul mate, a girl who he seemed to be talking about from the inside out and not about her hot looks or body, that was it.  I was full on INTO Rick Springfield.  His music spoke to me in a way that I likened to a boy paying attention to me at school, like he was singing purposefully just to me.  All I needed to do was turn on the radio, or the TV, and I could fly, soaring on the belief that this man was there for me.

I know it sounds crazy now, but back then?  Back then it gave me a reason to smile, and I leapt towards the chance.


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